The Brand ALHAMBRA has gone this season for different shades of navy blue, pine green or prune and rosy tones. Natural tones of beige and off white also play an important role.
 This year, large prints will be essential. Our bet goes in two directions: on the one hand, large geometrics with a powerful visual impact; on the other hand, natural shapes featuring leaves or birds, aimed at creating a feeling of nature around us.

Description of our collections:
GATSBY is inspired by the vibrant spirit of Jazz in the 1920’s and 1930’s, a music in which rhythms such as Swing or the Charleston emerged from the poorest areas and spread, disrespectfully, to the parties of the elites of the U.S. Geometric fabrics are used to evoke that rhythm, that joy and an orchestra of colours and lines.

BRAZILIA takes us to the world of utopian paradises, cities built from scratch in the middle of nature; a new architecture and new ideals for urban life developed in the 1950’s. Bright spaces with striking geometrics, full of white in contrast with the indigenous flora and fauna.

PALMA. With a natural essence, Palma is a collection of fabrics for curtains and sheers, which reminds us of the handmade traditions and of the enigmatic views of this island: an impressive scenery with dormant volcanos and thick mists. Handmade silk, wool and cotton fabrics fell into disuse, but they still deserve our peculiar homage. In the same way as palm leaves were woven in basketmaking, we have woven nets which sieve light. New sheers, evoking the freshness and misty whites of these landscapes, a biosphere reserve.


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