MANHATTAN. Speaking about FORM.

Right in the 21st century, fascinated by Manhattan’s new architecture, we walk along its streets looking for great contemporary architects. Vertical strokes of the New York grid. Contrasts in black and white emphasizing the forms, lines reaching up in the air, perspective, volumes. Fabrics designed with a set-square. Decó elements appear as part of the urban DNA of this collection.
DARWIN. Inspired by human evolution, between the primitive and cosmopolitan, and the purest Decó style. It pays tribute to the fauna immortalized in the buildings of the Big Apple in the 1930s.
PIANO. Set of Jacquard textures of rhythmic juxtapositions aiming for chromatic contrast. MOORE. We look back to the essence, we surrender to the traditional basketry constructions, the most elementary forms of weaving are now carefully embroidered and oversized. A scale that makes us value crafts even more. GRAZIA. Ethnic elements as ornament. Game of superimposed forms. Embroidered. Contrasting. This is how GRAZIA transmits its Decó heritage. A spirit that raised the pinnacles of the tallest skyscrapers. Brick, asphalt, steel and concrete. The colors of the city echo in MANHATTAN.



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